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Ok listen I was trying to buy 20 premium points and the site subtracted 2 dollars from the card which is ok but when i made the purchase it said my card was invalid.I have tried this twice and so far i hav lost 4 dollars and i am pissed and if you do not make this happen i will flip the *** out and sue the owner for ripping me off i just wanna buy 20 *** credits not get ripped off.

I hope this helps you understand that this is serious and i need you to listen or else...I am not that mad i am just furious cause i was about to finally get angra and you *** me

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Rebirthro is a bad company

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I just want to let everyone know what kind of people this game company is.They have allowed my son to fraudulently use my credit cards, paypal, and checking account to get points for this game to the tun of $550.

I tried to ask them to refund the money but they kept it and banned him from the game. So I paid and he got nothing. These people are not legitimate business people. This game tartgets kids, yet the price tag on items is anywhere from $25 to $1000.

No parent would give kids that kind of money to play this game.

They make there money from kids fraudulently using their parents credit cards, etc.and then not returning the money.

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If someone stole your wallet and then spent your money in a shop, would you blame the shop?Honestly your kid ripped you off, not the company.

the most expensive item on that site is 70 euros, not 1000 dollars.(unless the exchange rates have gone mad in the last few hours)

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